Then What I’m About to Tell You is Going to Change Your Life.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You start opening your heart to a man because he tells you he loves you and promises his devotion.
He looks deeply into your eyes as he whispers, “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.”
The following days or weeks he can’t stop calling and texting you. It’s as though he’s intoxicated with you and he can’t get enough.

The smell of your perfume…The way you smile when you enter a room and see him…

Even the silly things you do that makes him scratch his head….

Everything, it seems, turns him on.

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Hi I’m Bob Grant and I’m going to show you exactly WHY he pulls away and what will make him fall in love with you all over again.

Even if you’ve begged him to tell you what’s wrong.
Even if he says he doesn’t feel as strongly for you as he thinks he should.
And even if the only thing he tells you is “Something is missing.”

But before I share this with you I need to go over a few things…because if you miss just one part, it won’t work.

“As a licensed relationship expert, I’ve worked with thousands of singles and couples and, I’ve discovered that there are 5 stages a man goes through emotionally to fall in love.”

When he pulls away it’s not because you’ve something wrong. The truth is that he’s blocked at a certain emotional stage of your relationship.


Honestly, How Could it be Something You did Wrong when Last Week Your Smile Drove Him Crazy with Desire and Today He’s Mad if You Simply Ask Him a Question?

In fact, if you fall into this trap of believing that it is your fault, then you’ll apologize, give and even plead with him to forgive you-- for something you haven’t even done!

In fact, that just what Patrice thought when Martin stotpped talking to her one day.

In the beginning Martin had pursued her for weeks.

Even though she said “No” to his text to meet her for drinks, he was a man that knew what he wanted, and she was his target.

After she told him she wouldn’t date anyone at work, he backed off…for 2 weeks.

Then he made his move.

At first it was just a couple of innocent texts. Slowly his pursuit began to intensify until she finally gave in and said “yes.”

Their first date, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.

Over the next month he made her feel more special than any man she’d ever met and the walls around her heart began to melt.

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When she finally got him on the phone he was distant and cold. When she asked him what was wrong he acted annoyed as he said, “Nothing.”

After 10 days of his silent punishment his mood started to improve and he began acting like nothing was wrong.

“Maybe something was bothering him at work?” she told herself.

And she contented herself with that belief until 1 month later when he pulled away again.

For no apparent reason.

The following week she came into my office with one question:

“What am I doing wrong?”

The sad part is I’m starting to hear women tell me stories like Patrice’s more and more because...

“Now…More than EVER before in history… Men are being tempted by websites and apps that entice them to betray the woman they love...

You may be aware of online sites like Ashley Madison?

According to public records Ashley Madison did over $150 MILLION in 2014 by telling men ONE SIMPLE THING:

Then there’s Tinder, Mixxxer and virtually 100s of similar apps which enables him to download, find and meet someone for a quick “hook up” in less than 30 minutes.

And all they have to do is download the “infidelity” app to their phones.

But the Most Insidious Relationship Wrecker of Them All?

I bet you know of AT LEAST one couple whose relationship was ruined by a “bored” boyfriend looking up an old girlfriend…

Even if everything is going well...

During this Vulnerable Place He Begins to Believe 3 Dangerous Myths that Make Him Want to Pull Away from You…

Myth #1: He Should Always Feel Infatuated with You

But that won’t work because just like a new car, the initial jolt of desire must decrease so that a deeper level of intimacy can grow between you.

Deep intimacy is only possible when a man is vulnerable with a woman, not simply infatuated.

Myth #2: Give Him what He Wants and He’ll Fall in Love

Unfortunately, what a man tells you he wants is often NOT what he needs.

In fact most of the time, when a man pulls away he doesn’t know what he needs and will instead blame you for his anxious feelings.

Myth #3: You Did Something Wrong

And the worst thing you’ve been told is that it’s something you’ve done wrong.

I’ve helped countless women escape this horrible trap. Because he’s upset, it feels like he’s punishing you. But the truth is he’s actually feeling OUT OF CONTROL.

For years I’ve helped women destroy these myths because I saw they pushed women into the “Feelings Freeze.”

This is when you attempt to save your relationship by holding in your feelings, because you’re afraid if you do or say anything wrong - he’ll leave you.

If you’re a note taker…I highly recommend you pull out a pen and piece of paper…or fire up your note taking app…

This is Vital for You to Understand:

When a man pulls away from you he isn’t being logical. He’s in an emotional freefall and he’s trying to hang on for dear life.

What he won’t tell you…

What he can’t tell you is that what he needs from you to stop his heart from throbbing… is your emotions.

@*!%# What?

I know you’ve been told not to be so emotional.

I know…You’ve listened to Dr. Phil or Oprah…or been reading Cosmo and other online articles.

In fact, this is so critical that I’ll prove to you right now that your emotions are what men crave.

Now, What I’m about to Tell You is For Adults, So If You’re Under 18, Then You Need to Leave (Sorry).

You’ve been told that all men want is sex, which is mostly true, but not for the reasons you think. Imagine an intimate encounter:

He caresses your shoulder, then moves his hand down to your waist. All the while his excitement is building.

And while his passion is rising, he’s listening to you. Your responses, the sound of your voice as you squeal with delight.

Now imagine if at that moment you said this:

In an instant, every ounce of desire evaporates into thin air. Even though he can have sex with you, without your emotions…

When he’s in an emotional crisis, he can only be freed from his torment through your emotions.

If you try and logically explain that there is nothing wrong, it will only make him feel worse.

The reason I know this is because I have a confession to make. Several of my past girlfriends have been on the receiving end of my “silent treatment.”

I’m not proud of it and I before I got married I even promised myself not to do that to another woman again.

And I kept that promise until one stress filled week when everything came crashing down.

On Tuesday evening my triplet boys all became sick. For the next 5 nights my wife and I were lucky to get 4 hours of sleep a night.

That Sunday morning, I was beyond exhausted as I drove my family to church. Half way there, my 9-year-old daughter began teasing me about how I was driving. Even though I knew she was playing, I felt this overwhelming feeling of darkness and anger come over me and I couldn’t stop it.

As I parked the car and everyone got out, I just sat there.

When my daughter innocently ask me, “Daddy, what’s wrong,” I completely ignored her.

As she walked away, I felt a wave of shame wash over me and yet, I felt powerless to “snap out of it.” In fact, the harder I tried, the darker I felt. When everyone else got out of the car, I just sat there.

One hour later my family returned. My daughter got in the car without saying a word to me. I knew I was over reacting and should say something…
I could tell how hurt and lost she felt by me acting like a little boy, but something inside of me was frozen.

I felt like I was possessed by something that held my heart in it’s dark clutches.

Then My Wife Did Something Completely Unexpected.

As I was about to start the car, she leaned over and whispered something in my ear.

And for some odd reason, I felt a bubble pop inside my heart. All the hurt, anger and frustration started to fade away. I was still upset, but in that moment she calmed all the ranging emotions I was feeling.

I sat there for a second and just looked at her. Then I got out of the car, opened the door where my daughter sat and apologized to her.

I had over reacted and for the first time, I’d been able to escape.

I shudder to think how long I would “punished” my daughter if my wife hadn’t rescued me.

I asked her later that day, “What did you do?”

And to be honest she didn’t really know herself.

It wasn’t simply what she said to me, because she’d said those words before, but it was that I FELT what she said that penetrated my heart.

4 days later I would realize just how life changing this discovery was.

When Stan and Melissa Came for Their Weekly Appointment Late Thursday Afternoon, They Began Their Familiar Pattern Almost Immediately

She would begin asking questions and he would sit there in silence, as though she was attacking him. Perhaps it was because of what I’d just been through, but in an instant I knew what Stan was feeling.

When Melissa looked at me and threw her hands up in frustration, I told her to try again, and I told her how to say it.

“But Bob,” she said, “I’ve told him that before and nothing changes.”

“Yes, you have, but he’ll hear you this time,” I said.

After she finished, Stan’s expression didn’t change at all.

She looked at me and I said, “Just give it a second.”

After 1 minute of silence Stan did something that no man ever does in front of the woman they love.

A tear began to form in his eye as he softly said,

When they left my office I knew I had stumbled onto the key any woman could use to draw their cold, distant man back to them.

I began experimenting with couples over the next 2 months. I ordered books and talked with other counselors I trusted.

After spending spent months of research and trial and error, I wrote out everything I had learned. Slowly a pattern began to emerge:

When a man becomes distant, it’s because he doesn’t know what’s happened to his passion.
This is why he gets upset when you tenderly ask him, “Honey what’s wrong?”

He’s scared and instead of turning to you, often he makes the mistake of assuming something is wrong with your relationship.

He cannot go deeper with a woman until he experiences the correct emotional trigger. She literally holds the key to his heart.

When she activates that trigger, it makes him feel like a starving bear that’s discovered a jar of honey.

I began calling it The Honey Pot method and started giving it to women like Paige when their man wouldn’t come to my office.

She was ready to file for divorce from her distant husband. She told me she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt even an ounce of passion from him.

We spent 2 weeks going over the Honey Pot Method until she got the nerve up to use it on him at a restaurant one evening.

At first nothing happened, which is typical. Then he sheepishly looked down and scooted his chair next to hers.

For the rest of dinner he couldn’t keep his hands off of her. It got so bad she finally had to say, “Honey not in public.”

The following week she sat down right across from me as she stammered, “I still can’t believe it.”

Now since then, I’ve taught hundreds of women how to use The Honey Pot to melt a man’s heart.

In Fact, Let Me Give You 3 Tips You Can Use Right Now if Your Man is Giving You the Stone Cold Silent Treatment:

Tip #1: Ask Him “What’s Wrong?” -- Just Once
The reason is when a man is upset, he actually wants you to keep asking and asking him what’s wrong. He gets the benefit of you worrying and approaching him, with out doing anything.

If there is something specifically wrong, he can tell you. I promise you, he’s not a little child.

Tip #2: Give Him His Space and Just a Little Bit More
When a man feels you pulling away, it actually makes you more appealing.

Even though it may be hard for you to do, he must see that you value your heart above his moods. You won’t have to do this often if you do it with conviction just a few times.

Tip #3: His Doubts are an Opportunity for Intimacy
When he’s scared he expects you to panic and get him to reassure you. In his mind-- you have become weak and desperate. All the mystery is gone.

But when he sees that his doubts don’t scare you, it creates a feeling of curiosity. The same curiosity he felt when he first met you.

Now I love helping people, but unfortunately I only have time to work with so many women in my private practice...

But I want you to know how to free the man you love from making a horrible mistake and ending your relationship, just like my wife set me free that fateful day.

That’s Why I’ve Taken Everything I’ve Learned and Used With My Clients and Put it Together in One Amazing Program

Inside you’ll discover the 5 emotional phases every man must go through to fall deeply in love with you, what phase you’re in and how to use The Bonding Code for each phase.

Phase 1: Interest

Phase 1 is Interest and to be honest this is the easiest part. Just glance through a Victoria Secret magazine with push up bras, makeup and everything frilly and you’ll see how easy it can be to get a man’s attention.

Here’s some signs you have his interest…

He looks at you when you’re speaking.

He talks with your friends.

He stands within 3 feet of you, and doesn’t move away.

Which often leads to...

Phase 2: Emotional Arousal

During this phase you’ll notice him wanting to see you more often.

His feelings have been stirred up and now he’s looking at you like a hungry bear and you’re the honey pot. But there is danger ahead and so many women don’t understand this.

Because what happens after this point is Phase 3...

Phase 3: Disillusionment

You’ll know you’re in this phase when he:

Stops texting you as much

Doesn’t want to tell you any details about his life.

And for no apparent reason, he stops wanting to “go out” as often.

He says nothing is wrong, but you can feel him pulling away.

In his mind, something is wrong and he can’t explain it. He remembers the times when his passion for you was so intense he couldn’t sleep all night. But now he doesn’t feel that strong attraction that he did in the beginning.

Soon he begins visiting places on the web that entice him to betray his true love. These sites are telling him that he should never have any doubts. That they have the perfect woman for him, if he’ll just go to their website or download their app.

And unless you know how to handle this phase, often that’s just exactly what he’ll do.

It’s easy to panic during this phase. Wondering if he still loves you.

Or if he ever loved you enough.

But if you know how to respond during this crisis, you’ll enter...

Phase 4: Testing

You’re getting close but just before every calm there is a bit of a storm.

During this phase he may start getting upset of silly things, like you being late, when it never seemed to bother him before.

He may even begin making excuses for not wanting to see you more often and express doubts about your relationship.

If you make it through this phase you now enter....

Phase 5: Bonding

Now since you’re here right now you’re probably not in this phase. So let me tell you about this magical place.

In his mind and heart, he is now under your spell and couldn’t be more happy.

He looks deeply into your eyes when you’re speaking

Grabs your hand in public for no apparent reason.

In this phase he has made his choice. You are the only woman for him.

Your happiness has become what he most desires and he’s miserable when feels he can’t make you happy.

Then it happens. He realizes that it’s pointless to look for another woman.
He’s found what he has been searching for his entire life. Now all he wants is to spend the rest of his life with you.

How Awesome is That?

But I offer you this caution:
No matter how intense his attraction to you, the man you’re with or going to be with, desperately needs you to know his Bonding Code.

Because, I’ve worked with countless smart and beautiful women, who ignored my warnings.

Then When Their Relationship Hits Phase 3, This Familiar Pattern Begins:

First, she panics.

Next, she shares her feelings with him….all of her feelings.

Just hoping he’ll reassure her of his love and desperately wanting him to explain what is wrong.

But he can’t. Her attempts actually backfire and only reinforce his fears.

Like putting gasoline onto a burning fire.

Most Men Don’t Even Realize There is a Secret “Code”... and They Certainly Can’t Tell You Which Phase They Are in, or How to “Fix” it.

I don’t want you to every go through this living hell.

So I want to make this an absolute no-brainer for you.

Since my 1 on 1 clients pay me over hundreds of dollars for this step-by-step system that has changed their lives, I’m sure you’d agree that $197 would be completely fair to know how to create an emotional bond that was unbreakable… to finally FREE him from punishing you when he’s scared.

In fact, if I gave you a Magic Wand, that created the most intimate connection you’ve ever experienced with a man, you’d likely give every last cent you had…and feel awesome about it.

And I was going to leave it at the low price of $197...

Peggy was recently divorced with 2 small children.

They were blonde haired and blue eyed little girls that were 7 and 5 years old.

Peggy wanted my help because her daughters couldn’t stop crying every night.

When I asked them why, the oldest girl simply said, “Because Daddy didn’t want to live with us anymore.” I paused for a moment as her 5 year old sister began to cry.

Then Peggy started crying. For the next 40 minutes, I sat with this broken family, just trying to help them put the pieces back together.

“I Wondered What Would Have Happened if I Had Been
Able to Share The Bonding Code with Peggy BEFORE That Fateful Day.”

I realized how desperate the situation was.

Every woman was at risk unless I shared what I created.

I needed to get this into every womanÕs hands so I called Kali, my office manager, and told her to cut the price to $97. Even though she debated with me for over 30 minutes claiming I was almost “giving it away.”

The next morning I went into my office and still the memory of Peggy and her 2 daughters haunted me.

As I Sat in My Chair, I Could Still See the Face of That Precious 5 Year Old Girl Who Kept Asking Me, “What Did I Do Wrong?”

Later that day Kali could tell I was still upset about Peggy and her daughters.

To my surprise she said, “Bob I’ve been thinking about this. I’m getting flooded with phone calls and emails from women who are telling me about being in a relationship and everything is going great. Then suddenly the man just cuts them off. No explanation.

These men are making stupid decisions and leaving the woman they love, all because they’re blaming the woman, for something she hasn’t even done. I know you want to help them all, but you can only see so many clients per week.

Why don’t you lower the price of the Bonding Code?”

You’d have to know my tough as nails manager to realize how profound that moment was. As she just looked at me I knew she was right.

This Makes Your Investment
Only $49... and You’ll Start Mastering The Bonding Code This Evening…

Fair enough?

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Even though The Bonding Code will melt your man’s heart, I also know that some men have been injured in the past.

They are commitment phobic and sometimes they don’t even give a relationship a chance to work.

That’s why I sought out relationship expert T Dub Jackson who specifically works with men that just can’t commit.

I hounded him until he agreed to tell me how a woman can literally flip a man’s commitment switch, even if he’s swore off ever letting a woman get close.

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So Now We’re at a Crossroads, Because Only Two Things Can Happen From Here On Out:

You can ignore this site and stay right in blissful ignorance, content in the belief that as long as a man loves you, he’ll never leave you.

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If you’re still reading, I’ll bet you still have some questions.

Here are the most common ones I get..

1. How quickly will I get The Bonding Code Program?
It really is almost instant. Just fill out your information and You’ll then be taken to the Download Page where you’ll get immediate access.

If you join the Women Men Adore club - Just create your account and in about 3 minutes you can start changing your life.

2. I'm not in a relationship right now, does the Bonding Code apply to me or is it just for those in a relationship?

If you're single you'll see how to "set the tone". Because if you set the right tone, you can speed up the process even faster. And you'll learn the right kind of TENSION that makes such a intense impression.

3. I’ve read every relationship book out there, how is The Bonding Code Program different?
Because The Bonding Code addresses the current crisis in a proactive way. Most relationship advice focuses on communication and trust.

I focused on those also, at first. But I still had men leaving women.

Good women, beautiful and kind.
And most of the time, these men were communicating with the woman and they still were ensnared by the affair vultures.

The Bonding Code is your firewall around your relationship that is critical.

4. I just want a relationship to happen naturally. Isn’t this being manipulative?
No you don’t want it to happen naturally. Imagine a date that just goes organically - no planning - no preparation. You don’t want to “prop it up” but almost everything in a relationship is guided.

5. Bob, this sounds great, but does it really work?
Well, how about I let you see the kind of emails I get from women…

“Thank you so much for your advice, it has really helped me a lot because now I have a man (MY FIANCE) who loves me in a way I have never been loved by a man before.

Even though we have been dating for 15 months, he’s starting to shower me with love like he did when we first met It’s the 1st time in my life I have had a relationship that lasted over 3 months.”

- Amanda Tobo

“Thank you so much, I’ve applied many of your suggestions and along the way I met a wonderful man who has really benefited from all my research and changes!”

- Lynn

“I met and married the man of my dreams and things could not be better.

It’s an amazing program I feel every woman should have a copy as a handbook.”

- Candy Hoshoko

“I have had more attention in the last 3 months than in my entire life. The funniest part of it all is that I’m a 43 year old single mother with 4 great kids, and I have yet to date a man over 33 since going through your program!

Thank you!”

- Tina Torkelson, Delaware

“Your program is a lifesaver!! Thank you thank you thank you!! It saved my marriage!! I read it three times.”

- Maria D.


Within 24 hours after getting your program it has already impacted my relationship. My boyfriend hasn’t been spending much time with me and I followed your advice and watched as he instantly warmed up to me.

Thank you. Your program is a blessing.”

- Celia

“My boyfriend and I had a conflict not so long ago over behavior that I felt was inappropriate. I spoke to him exactly how you taught me and he was quiet and ATTENTIVE to everything I said. In fact he said to me, “What can I do so the next time I don’t hurt you the way I hurt you tonight?” He really wanted to make me feel better, he wanted to please me. It was exactly how you had described in your program.


Nathalie Mourin

So now, all that’s left is to click on the Add to Cart button below so you we can get you started right now.

Grant & Associates, Public Relations Counselors, Acworth, GA